Underwriting Advocacy

With over 75 years of combined experience, our Underwriting Advocacy team has an in-depth understanding of the life insurance industry and an intimate knowledge of the entire underwriting process. The Underwriting Advocate Team is committed to making your case a priority, and it is our goal to get you excellent results in a professional and efficient manner. Here's how we can help: 

  • The strategic relationships that we've developed with exclusive teams at our carriers ensure your case receives expedient and individual attention
  • Mutual respect, rapport and close personal working relationships with Medical Directors and Chief Underwriters at our insurance carriers enhance our ability to optimize your outcome
  • Underwriting Advocacy maintains current information on top-rated carriers willing to underwrite specific underwriting challenges, such as frequent foreign travel, high-risk hobbies or professions, and a wide range of medical impairments
  • In conjunction with our product specialists, we strategically employ each carriers' product strengths and capacity limits to effectively structure your underwriting plan