Our Philosophy

Wealth management solutions are about helping to ensure that an individual, couple or family has the financial resources to live in a desired manner for a number of years after retirement. It's about helping make sure assets earned over a lifetime of work don't slip away when they're needed. And, it's about leaving a legacy and values in place for your children and grandchildren.

It's about buying time - time to enjoy a new phase of life after years devoted to a successful career. Proper wealth planning helps allow you to do what you want to do - after you've finished doing what you had to do to accumulate those assets.

We are dedicated to providing our clients sound wealth management solutions, using our experience in life insurance and investment strategies to help them meet their retirement, estate and business planning objectives.

Founder Clark Bening infused the firm with a unique appreciation that time is a powerful financial force. 

When well-managed, time serves us. When neglected, it disappears before we even know it - and the costs are enormous. Too many people let valuable time slip away each day, robbing them of opportunities, assets and dreams.

                                                                                                                Clark Bening, Founder

Today, Ray Bening and Duke Reichardt continue the high standards of client care set by Clark Bening, serving many individuals and family businesses as well as large companies that require highly specialized financial and insurance services.

In addition to crafting life insurance and investment strategies for clients, we help develop and manage retirement cash-flow plans, supplemental executive retirement strategies, business continuation, and charitable giving plans. And we offer a wide variety of innovative financial strategies to help businesses attract, reward, and retain their most-valued executives. 

Like our clients, we prize the strong Midwestern values of hard work, honesty and independence. We understand what it means to set high goals and standards, build a business, create wealth and aspire to protect it from inflation and unnecessary taxation. At Bening Financial, our goal is to ensure that all clients receive competent professional advice - and time will always be a well-managed asset.